uberPOOL Pitch - BBH NY Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds

The Task

Grow uberPOOL usage to 2% of total New York City travel in 12 months.

The Challenge

Uber has built a brand by becoming the 'chauffeur' of ride sharing.  The uberPOOL offering completely contradicts this perception of exclusivity and self-importance.  So what exactly is in the way of people choosing uberPOOL over Uber?

More time

More inconvenience

More awkwardness

*These barriers all trump the value prop of a cheaper fare with uberPOOL.

The Insight

The biggest barrier to people using uberPOOL is the aversion of riding with a complete stranger.  Yet studies show that contrary to expectations, people are happier after a conversation with a stranger.  In NYC, feeling lonely amongst 8.5 million other New Yorkers is strangely common.

Consumer - The Lonely Loyalist

New Yorkers are some of the most goal-oriented people in the country.  They are go, go, go, always needing to be somewhere in a timely fashion.  The Lonely Loyalist encompasses the drive of most New Yorkers, but they also have a desire to expand their world.  They range in age from 21-40 and although skew older, the Lonely Loyalist embraces a more youthful mindset.  Throughout their day, they ask themselves, "What if..." and often deviate from their loyal routines to combat an inner loneliness.  

The Strategy

As kids we were told to never talk to strangers.  It was a safety and peace of mind thing.  The Lonely Loyalist isn't a kid anymore but talking to strangers is still a lingering apprehension. By leaning into this tension we can make the unknown feel like an opportunity: an opportunity to experience a new story, no matter the undertone of the ride.  

The Solution

Make an empty seat feel like a missed opportunity.  With placements of our mission, "Talk to strangers," placed at bus stops, subway cars, and terminals in JFK and Laguardia, we reframe what uberPOOL really means.

uberPOOL Manifesto

uberPOOL is more than a vessel that takes you from point A to point B.  It’s a vehicle that can bring the unknown to light in the shape of your fellow New Yorker, a stranger who cherishes human contact, just as you do.  It’s not about making a new best friend. It’s about the inescapable story and the brief human interaction that uberPOOL can foster.  Imagine a New York where an empty seat is a missed page of your life story. 

UberPOOL talk to strangers

Role: Strategist

Team: Haley Gordon, Julie Brau, Lindsey Lee, Erica Kaplan