Segment Illumination - Egg Strategy

Work done in collaboration with Egg Strategy Inc., LLC, Boulder, Colorado,

The Challenge

A leader in the hydration gear category came to Egg Strategy to better understand two of their key consumer segments -- the Core Achiever and Active Lifestyler.  In order for the brand to relate effectively with each segment, Egg needed to uncover the emotional drivers, beliefs, and behaviors that influence the activities and brands they seek out.  

The Approach

Egg conducted two research methodologies that went beyond surface understandings and into deep emotional components of the segments’ lives. 

Mobile Ethnography

A mobile digital ethnographic study was pushed to respondents' mobile devices.  This methodology allowed 15 respondents of each segment to take Egg along with them in their quest for self-betterment and hydration gear needs all in real-time.


Following up with the best respondents from the mobile study, Egg conducted six in-depth-interviews from each segment.  This allowed for an even more textured understanding of where the brand is winning and losing with each segment.  

The Insight

With the right hydration gear, water goes beyond a primal need and into realms of physical achievement and mental empowerment.  

The Strategy

While there were multiple cross-segment truths, Egg recommended exploiting segment specific insights for the brand’s future initiatives.  The following is one example of understanding the nuanced differences of each segment and the corresponding implication.  Functionality was a fundamental criteria in the gear each segment uses, but style and self-expression weighed more heavily on the Active Lifestyler's brand/gear desires.  Thus with this particular segment, Egg recommended more energetic color schemes, graphics, etc. on the SKUs the Active Lifestyler would more likely use.

The Outcome

In illuminating these two key consumer segments, the client left with a sound guidebook to grow product lines, communication strategies, and market penetration tactics.