ProtoLocal - The Street Ad Agency Bootcamp

The Challenge

ProtoLocal, a start-up company challenging the review site status-quo, needed a concise and striking banner ad campaign to build brand recognition and product trial.

The Insight

Locals are more likely to patronize new places, places that are also local, and that have a story living beyond the counter.

Consumer - The Timid Explorer

Relying on their social network and perused online media, the Timid Explorer wants to experience new things but needs some nudging in doing so.  Where they shop and where they eat tells a story about them.  The Timid Explorer is always searching to add depth to their story, but often don't know where to look for that next chapter. 

The Strategy

Incite curiosity and provoke a questioning of daily routines by giving a glimpse into the stories of local businesses and their founders.   

The Solution

With copy that made you think about trying something different than your morning Starbucks and art direction that left you with the inklings of a connection made to the business owner, the client gave the go ahead on round 1 creative development.  Furthermore, instead of overspending media dollars on programmatic advertising, we determined to focus our ad placements in local online publications where 'locals' look for what's new in Denver.

Executions & Placements