Spyder Outerwear - Factory Design Labs

Work done in collaboration with Factory Design Labs, LLC, Denver, Colorado, www.factorylabs.com 


Ski racing is where Spyder began, innovated, and conquered. As the official apparel supplier to the US Ski Team since 1989, Spyder has had a significant impact on racers’ performance at the highest levels of competition.  With a stronghold on the high-performance category, Spyder was struggling to appeal to the more youthful and expressive path that modern skiing was taking.

The Challenge

Spyder needed an updated positioning strategy that would incite a lifestyle component to their brand without losing their storied heritage in the core racing category where they began.

Consumer - The Stoic Core

The Stoic Core spans male and female skiers ages 25-55.  They are a global audience who is well-educated and are of higher incomes.  Skiing is an individual sport and their desire to accentuate their individuality largely correlates to the gear they use.  To them portraying an outward confidence is more fulfilling than knowing their gear will help them perform to the best of their abilities.  It's not a vanity but an expectation for the best that drives their purchasing decisions.   

The Insight

For The Stoic Core, progression is at the fore-front of their minds. Progression is a collection of sentiments, goals, and introspections that all ladder back to how their outerwear makes them feel on and off the slope.  

The Strategy

By taking a macro look at the outerwear industry and the client's competitors, it was determined to highlight inherent emotions that are elicited through using the brand's gear: progression, confidence, and elation.

The Solution

Showcase brand ambassador stories using gear outside of the hardcore, high performance realm to create a more relatable connection that transcends the client's existing image.