Koala Pack Creative Brief - The Street Ad Agency Bootcamp

Brand Proposition

Koala Pack brings simplicity to an otherwise cluttered world.

What do we need to do?

We need to get people to question or reconsider what is essential to their everyday life.


Market insight:

The traditional backpack is in decline, with more simplified and lifestyle based designs coming to the forefront.  Instead of multi-function, packs are trending to be more single-function i.e. hydration based, school based, commuter based, etc.

Consumer insight:

Simple, purpose driven design, leads to a consumer feeling more modern, eloquent, and different.

What is the single most important thing to say?

Bring yourself.

Reason to believe

There are backpacks for your textbooks and brief cases for the rigid/corporate world, but Koala Pack fills a gap in both function and lifestyle.  A tablet or laptop doesn’t need a massive space to live in a pack.  Koala Packs have boiled down what the urban, youthful, tech-reliant consumer needs: a sleek pack that protects and carries the bare necessities (laptop/tablet).

Consumer - The Urban Minimalist 

The Urban Minimalist are 20-35 year-old male and females living in urban settings with average incomes, either working towards or having earned a college degree.  They treasure where they are in life: young, goal-oriented, and constantly seeking out the "new."  Although tech savvy and reliant on their laptops/tablets/phones, The Urban Minimalist isn't hunched over at a desk all day.  They are very active and mobile during and after work/school.  They avoid name brands in an effort to be different but ironically the brands they seek out bring them into the fold of a bigger collective.      

What do we want them to do?

We want them to further identify with the urban, tech culture and feel like it’s a fit.

What do we want them to think/feel?


Wow, do I really need a pocket for my pens or my business cards?  There's a vesicle that caters to my simplified lifestyle.


There's a new way to carry my stuff and it makes me feel free.


Imagine running to your bus stop with your loaded down pack.  It’s flopping against your back and you try to adjust the straps, but in doing so, you slow down and the bus drives away.  Koala inherently reduces clutter in your life with its sleek and simple design.  Realizing that all you need is your tablet/laptop and maybe a book is the way young people are living.