Sprig Salad Dressing - Factory Design Labs

Work done in collaboration with Factory Design Labs, LLC, Denver, Colorado, www.factorylabs.com


A local salad dressing company had some early success.  Yet with the success coming from the one and only dressing they were producing, future dressings did not have a positioning or brand to live under.  

The Challenge

Develop a defendable and inspiring position for an artisanal brand to prosper in the already saturated healthy, organic food market. 

The Insight

Salad dressing is what brings a salad together and this has the power to gather people around a table.

Who are we?

We Are Not

Indifferent to inputs

Scared to explore

Uninspired to forge ahead

Callous machines

We Are


Creatively driven

Insatiably passionate

Hollistically human

Rebel With A Cause


Sprig is the salad dressing company that doesn't conform just to be DIFFERENT.  We simply do what we WANT which happens to be different.  We create delicious, energetic, and revolutionary dressings.

Brand Message: What we promise to do

We will remain an unwavering beacon of explorative flavors, allowing the adventurer in all of us to comfortably rebel.

Brand Personality: How we speak

Quietly confident / Rad / Humble / Invigorating / Relentless

Core Tenets: How we behave in the world

Embrace the unexpected and run full on, along paths newly revealed.  We continue forward in search of flavors that assault the norm.


"Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots," Victor Hugo.



Sprig gathers ingredients to create flavors that not only bring dishes together but also enhance dining experiences with friends and family.

Brand Message: What we promise to do

Sprig's flavors are curated with the intention to enjoy them amongst our fellow man.

Brand Personality: How we speak

Warm / Unselfish / Welcoming / Human

Core Tenets: How we behave in the world

Dressing is what ultimately brings a salad together.  Why not carry over this togetherness of food to gather people and enjoy it beyond oneself?


"If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him... the people who give you their food give you their heart," Cesar Chavez

The Outcome

Telling the story of an owner who didn't go to culinary school but simply knew he had to get this dressing out to the world could drive package design, dressing creation, and brand name.  A positioning that encompassed the owner's rebellious beginning and attention to gathering the best ingredients led to a brand name that resonated with the client.